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Vehicle laptop stand & custom mobile office suv resources
Mobile computing resources, articles on police auto desk, police and law enforcement applications, construction and oilfield truck desk uses, ergonomics, portable laptop stand and presentation table information are all available here.

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Here is a Dodge 2500 Series Truck with an Enforcer II Desk installed. You can view this truck desk at http://www.prodesks.com , the premier truck desk supply store. Pro-Desks is our recommended resource when shopping for a truck computer desk, it's not about who has the best website or nicest online store, but about which desk is going to do the job. chevy laptop holder

The guys at Pro-Desks have worked for years in the oilfield, construction, agricultural fields and know the conditions these trucks are going to be traveling over. Your desk needs to be made out of good material, built heavier than normal, built so that it can extend up high enough for you to work on it.

The Pro-Desks Extreme, or Enforcer II for example have an adjustable height of 28 inches, this clears all consoles and makes it very suitable to virtually any truck application. Don't rely on the light duty desks for your truck, get a serious mounting system, take a close look at the Extreme or the Enforcer II.

* custom mobile office suv - These are professional laptop mounts, created to fit exclusively into the respective vehicles using custom made seat mounting systems.

There are not many that can, and of those that offer the capability how many are like the Pro-Desk Enforcer II and can be fitted to your existing passenger seat rail bolts?

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Pro Desks Dominator

You need your desk top to be able to turn and tilt so that you access it from any position in your cab, and also from outside it. You don’t want to have to get into the cab every time you to look up a plan, spec or price. That is the beauty of a laptop: you can get instant communication with the office for that special price or quotation your customer is looking for. You can check up stock of specific items, and you can send your report back to the office so that others can get on with meeting your needs, or those of the customer.

Your desk should be fitted with an articulating arm that can turn the laptop mount to any side you want, so that it is accessible from anywhere, and with height adjustment to suit your specific needs. You will need shock pads to absorb bumps and any type of impact, and your computer should be protected in the event of collisions. It should also protect against general vibration when driving normally.

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This is the Pro Desks Dominator Locking Laptop Stand - mounted in a 2007 Dodge Pickup. Notice how high it comes up and right over the console and extends right over to the driver. This is shown with the screen stabilizer as well.

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